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C2 IT Advisors, LLC offers a variety of services to help heal your sick, unhealthy, or broken IT environment and they include:

- Information Technology Audit
- Information Technology SWOT Analysis
- Transitional or Temporary CIO
- IT Trend Analysis and Review
- Information Technology Physical
- Process and Workflow Optimization Scan
- Enterprise Project Management
- Solution Review Security and IT Process Awareness Presentations

Organizations seeking to improve their IT operations consult with C2 IT Advisors, LLC.  We serve growing companies, generally in the middle tier. It is common that such a company where  Information Technology is not their core business, would have a significant investment in their technology infrastructure, does not employ a full-time CIO, but recognizes the importance Information Technology plays in achieving their goals.



3Rivers engaged Clifford Clarke to present to our project leaders on stakeholder optimization. In 2 hours, Clifford utilized relevant exercises, shared learning and made it entertaining. He clearly understands our organization and provided exercises on topics that we need to discuss. In addition, he also provided us with follow-ups to do after the session to reinforce what was learned. The next day, the technique for stakeholder identification was used at another project meeting. These techniques can also be used in their day to day roles at the credit union. I would highly recommend Clifford Clarke for your training needs.

Tiffany Yoquelet, MSOL, PMP
Project Administrator


The Enemy Within Security in the Mobile World - Mobile Technology Trends You Must Pay Attention To!

Clifford always brings some new info to his presentation that makes one think.

Very charismatic

Very informative and current.

Always a good presentation.

Outstanding speaker. He could have taken more time and no one would have noticed he was so engaging.

Clifford always does an excellent job with his presentations. I always look forward to any presentation that he facilitates.

Provided some great information.

Subjects fit my interest.

Fort Wayne Institute of Internal Auditors Chapter

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