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Strategic Information Technology firm launched in Fort Wayne, Indiana

FORT WAYNE, November 24, 2008 — Former city CIO, Clifford Clarke, launches a new company targeted at helping companies achieve their vision by strategically optimizing their Information Technology environment. C2 Information Technology Advisors, LLC will be backed by the resources of OnCall PSN (Professional Services Network), so as other business development opportunities in other verticals such as Human Resources, Sales and Marketing, Accounting and Finance, and Operations presents itself we will be positioned to respond efficiently and effectively. Clarke was the CIO for the City of Fort Wayne from 2005, during the Graham administration into the Henry Administration, 2008.  During his tenure with the City Clarke was able to:

  • Developed and implemented a workable approach to IT standards
  • Developed and implemented best in class business processes which are proven to save money, protect the business infrastructure, and improve efficiencies
  • Optimize communication channels across a variety of media in a obvisously complex environment
  • Developed and implemented a living IT strategy with a clearly articulated technical corridor
  • Introduced metrics and executive dashboards
  • Promoted the organizational vision
  • Fostered strong working relationships in a highly embedded environment

C2 IT Advisors is a trusted advisor and honest broker regarding IT concerns for the senior leadership team.  C2 IT Advisors, LLC will provide the following services:

  • Strategic Information Technology Planning and Governance
  • Information Technology SWOT Analysis
  • Enterprise Project Management
  • IT Trend Analysis and Review
  • Information Technology Security Policy review and design
  • Transitional CIO services
  • Information Technology Innovation advisory services

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